Gayle Ann Weinstein
Writer: Novel/Novella Memoir Short Story


Summary for Shayndel: A Memoir

(The total word count is about 14,250 words. Double spaced manuscript is about 45 pages.)

Shayndel is a recorded oral history of my paternal grandparents as told to me by my grandmother, Jean (Shayndel Symon) Weinstein, in the early 1980s. The seven stories span from the 1880s in Poland and Russia to Chicago, Illinois in the 1920s: “Go Check on Gramma, my father said.”, the story of how my great grandmother, who was a butcher, found a husband after being engaged five times; “Shayndel,” the story of how my grandmother came to America and lived and worked in various places, always being offered propositions and proposals by her bosses; “Shlomo  The Clerk,” my grandfather’s narrow and clever escape from the Russian army after being hired as a clerk to a very important general; “Sam The Entrepreneur,” my grandfather’s rise from button salesman, paying $3 a week for the corner of a tailor’s shop, to the successful owner of a large clothing factory in spite of anti-Semitism; “The Bachelor,” how my grandfather, after being engaged and disappointed three times with American girls, decided he would marry a greenhorn; “Meet Me On The Corner,” how my grandfather and grandmother met and negotiated their decision to marry; and, finally, “I Am Mrs. Veinshtein,” the ways my grandparents impacted each other’s lives after they were married.

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Related references for the memoir-in-progress Shayndel  

(excerpted stories, “Meet Me On the Corner” and “Go Check on Gramma," my father said.)


Newlyweds Jean and Sam Weinstein, about 1924

Shlomo H. Weinstein as officer in Russian army, about 19 years old

Shlomo Weinstein standing on left